Mumbai, Istanbul, St Petersburg, Ireland, Monaco, Rio de Janeiro, New York & Las Vegas
This unique, unsurpassed and premium once in a life time organisation includes the 14 golden glows of glitz, glamour and glory which will be visited at 7 destinations in 14 days, combining excellence, hedonism and high end luxury.
7 Palace Hotels - Best of their kind, A Privet Jet, Limousines, Award Winning Chefs &Elite Events.
14 Elite Events of fashion and art shows, balls, private visits to world famous venues and museums and meeting the top echelons of business, entertainment and high society members. This exclusivity is all-inclusive and meeting all the demands of discerning and affluent travellers.
Package Inclusions:

Two overnights at Mumbai.

Two overnights at İstanbul.

Two overnights at St. Petersburg.

Two overnights at Ireland.

Two overnights at Monaco.

Two overnights at Rio De janerio.

Two overnights at New York or Las Vegas.

Accomodations in best palaces, castles and world famous high end luxury hotels.

Flying program will be with all first class private jet of highest standarts and with full firstclass in flight catering and services.

The ground and sea services are will be by limousines and private yachts.


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